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  3. Hi. I wrote I woke up this morning with a strange feeling. I think I had a lucid dream last night or maybe not. I don’t remember everything exactly but the first thing I did was check out a real fact. My leg, the amputation from a post trauma accident. All was okey, no pain. My lucid dream was clear as day light. A voice saying “your cows are coming home buddy” It was famous James Francis Cameron. He had read all my unofficial posts of how I thought the movie Avatar 2 should be. It was a havoc movie that included the great big cat dragon. Toruk Maktu. It became evil via a chip missiled into it by Parker who was exiled and the world was making a come back at Pandora with the help of worldly bred Marsian’s! I got it all written down!
    The voice said “pack your bags my crew is on the way to fetch you. I checked my phone.
    *For sure? I had received a call but it was a private number! It is time for me to fly in life again. So I packed and put all my written notes in my brief case. If they don’t come? I was going to fly to him.
    THEN I TWEETED IT. Only to receive back via twitter an emty page. Well it had my email and a wordpress url that I had deleted long ago! Its a pity! This is the 2nd hic up I’ve had trying to add to your story.. Perhap’s you don’t like it? Then rather not display that I wrote it with a tweet “option” that leads to embarressment!! Example a blank page with my name and a deleted url.
    I ask nice and in all respect!

  4. So I’m interested in leaving a paragraph if submissions are still open, but a little foggy on the guidelines. Leave me some pointers and I will try to join the fun as well 🙂

  5. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Interesting idea you have here! Will consider what kind of paragraph to write and send it along.

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