About Penmen

What is PENMEN Project?

Once upon a time, not that long ago.  I started this project called “The Blended Story”. It was a short video without any script. Yep! without any script.(I was that lazy.)

I wrote down the first paragraph that came to my head then I ran into a random person and asked them to continue the next paragraph, then I filmed them.

And that was the best decision I ever made!!!.

People who participated on my video  project were incredibly  kind and and talented that they turned my story to something truly amazing.

My character ended up loving and later killing Justin Bieber(Yeah.. I know), improving the US economy, traveling to space, Hacking Wookie’s personal account, stealing millions.. bombing Wakohakoa Space Station ( Some folks were too creative) and at the end my character marrying Brad Pitt happily ever after in a planet named Bambino.

(Have to mention I had no intentions to pick my character a gender.. it’s just happend)

Few years past and I forgot about this for a long time till finally I thought I should do this in a larger scale… But I am no filmmaker. I don’t know how to make a real film, I don’t even know where to buy a good camera! So I thought about writing things down. mainly because I am so bad at it and English is not my first language and most importantly I hate writing in general (here I said it)

So what are we doing here?

We are going to start a journey together. We are going to write a … STORY! I want you to write me a 120 word that continues the previous line which is already been selected (We will select them once it hit 40)…   It doesn’t matter what you write, how you write it, or how good you are at doing it. If you write anything, anything at all that would work. I am letting you do whatever you want with my character!! You can kill them, bring them back to life or do whatever.

Be open, and be adventurous!!

How the story starts? 

Chapter one.

It’s funny, as I was walking up here I was thinking that we all have a lot in
common. None of us know what I’m going to say. (Continue…)

Please write down you thought in here and then click send.  You can also ask me anything here. Join me on Facebook or Twitter.



One response to “About Penmen

  1. It’s funny, as I was walking up here I was thinking that we all have a lot in common. None of us know what I’m going to say….
    I take a deep breath to calm my nerves, as i spread my chapped lips to speak i choke on my dry throat. Coughing a little, I lick my lips noticing I’ve caught the others attention. I bite my lip in worry. Where are the taking us? I let my mind wonder as we come up to a huge golden gate. A feeling of excitement shot though me, but as quick as it came the feeling was gone. In it’s place came a rush of worry. There was no living soul by this gate, What was behind it, gates were built to keep others out. I was almost positive this one in particular was being used to keep whatever was inside trapped.As we came closer to the gate we noticed it was not just made of gold, but it was glowing with light. One of the travelers ran his fingers along the gate. As he did this the gate started to melt where his fingers had rested. The gate melted slowly with the heat of his tough but quickly cooled off and lost it’s glow. There was no door anywhere near. This gate was sealed and it seemed to collapse with our touch but not fully.

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